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Talent UVT Coupon Preference

March 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Director,News

Hi Talent, Just a quick reminder for ALL talent to update your profile. Upload new demos, any new photos, bio changes, and other content.
More importantly login and check your account details. This is located inside your dashboard after login.

NEW: Starting March 15th 2017 we will begin doing a monthly promotion, in the form of a “customer coupon” as a banner on the website header. Our attempt is to generate additional projects for all of you and offer you clients the ability to save some cash.

* Coupons will range from 20% off, to offers such as $50 off orders of $200 or more.

When talent enrolled, they are offered the option of accepting UVT coupons. You should login, update your profile, and also update your details and the COUPON acceptance preference. Simply click on account details, make your changes and hit save.

Again, it is located in your account details within your dashboard NOT your listing.

-Anthony Reece


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