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New Demo Titles – Oct 20th 2018

October 21, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Director,News


Hello UVT Artists!

Thanks again for being part of UVT. I want to share some news. This week we have implemented “New Demo Titles” or demo labels for our listings today. Please login and update your demos soon as possible.

Read on…. This will give us voice talent the ability to add a TITLE to each of our old and new demos online. Yes this has been long overdue but better late then never.

How do you update your demos and new titles? First login and once inside your artist dashboard follow steps below…

– click on create or edit my listing

– select your active talent listing or create one of not already live

– go over your listing and update any “selects” and personal info desired

– scroll down to bottom where demos are located or “add files”

– select the audio demos or audio demos tab

– click on green edit icon for each demo and rename the demo to what is desired.

(e.g. Corporate Demo, Voice Over Demo, Audio Book Demo, etc)

Once done with each demo, click SAVE LISTING.

– Look for confirmation at top of the page. Very easy!

NOTE: We will review your changes and update your profile listing, then send an email once done. The listing will go back LIVE after we approve the changes within 24-hours.

Thanks for being part of our flat hourly program.

-Anthony Reece

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