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March 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Director,News

Talent Membership Update:

I wanted to clear up some confusion regarding renewal of your yearly membership at UVT. Some of you are getting notified that your UVT membership is about to, or has expired. As of today March 10th 2017, we will no longer automatically renew talent memberships.

You will be notified by email 15-days prior, and 1-day prior to your membership expiration. At that time, you will need to login, and select your new option for the next years of participation. You will be offered a $9.95 standard talent plan OR a $39.95 enhanced talent plan.

Yes this covers both your artist listing AND membership for another year. Feel free to login and check your profile, membership status and updating any missing head-shot, demo, bio, etc.

-Anthony Reece


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