Voice Casting of Flat Hourly Voice Talent


As a casting client of United Voice Talent, you simply access our HOURLY voice over talent listings using the search options throughout the website.

Each of our voice over artists have been “hand-selected” and approved offering a flat hourly rate for UNLIMITED voice over content during their hour of time working for you. All voice talent offer their own flat hourly rate!

  • You Got It Right – That means NO BIDDING WARS HERE!
  • You’re not working with ‘inferior’ low bid voice talent, rather high quality talent at flat hourly rates!

You see our unique flat hourly voice over casting program, delivers radio / tv spots, telephone messages, gaming and animation characters, narrations, business narration, station imaging and more, ALL at a predictable flat hourly rate.

  • You receive a free round of “recuts” on any work performed in error by our voice talent.
  • You enjoy knowing every track is reviewed by our voice casting director to protect your investment.
  • You communicate directly with your artist using our ‘workflow system’ built into your user dashboard.
  • You have our voice casting director working with you and your hired United Voice Talent artist.


1) Search and find voice talent to audition in private.

2) Review voice talent and auditions, then pick a voice talent that fits your project to hire.

3) Click the talent’s BOOK ME NOW to hire your talent on their listing page.

4) When asked remit payment for a your single hour in advance.

5) After payment you communicate and track the status of your voice over project using the “project recording work flow” tool located within your and the talent’s dashboard. This includes the ability to send and receive messages, file attachments, media, etc.

6) Talent do the recording directly for you, and then send final tracks to you AND UVT for review.

7) You enjoy 3-days to approve content and/or request fixes, or recuts. UVT also reviews and will co-approve content..

Yes- It is that easy to use our flat hourly voice over talent!

United Voice Talent offers you our casting client, pre-qualified voice talent to audition, and hire based on their ability, NOT their bid price. All our voice talent agree to a fair flat hourly rate for UNLIMITED voice overs at UVT.


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