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FAQ’s About Our Voice Casting Process at UVT


Below are some of the typical “most frequently asked questions”(FAQ’s) regarding the voice casting process at United Voice Talent. Use these voice casting FAQ’s, to answer and/or address some of your concerns, not addressed within each section of our website.

The voice casting process within our program, is explained above using our site links, and below. If you still need have questions, click here and contact us today!

How Are Your Voice Over Talent Pre-Screened?
UVT voice talent are hand-picked based on the ability to record and deliver quality sound, have professional demos and at least 1 full year of voice over exp.

How Do I Find and Audition Voice Talent for My Project?
Simply manually search or browse talent based on hourly rate, age, genre, type, sex and more.

Why Are The Voice Over Talent Pre-Qualified?
To assure you are working with professional, exp’d voice talent no matter which talent you select.

How Many Voice Talent Can I Cast and Hire at Once?
Each talent is hired by the hour, so you are required to cast each talent one at a time.

Are Talent Auditions Free?
Yes if you find a talent you wish to audition, just private message them and ask. You can also request a public casting call using our free casting option.

Do You Offer a Flat Hourly Voice Service AND Per Job Services?
NO! You purchase flat hourly recording time. Talent also offer a 2nd hour flat rate too usually discounted.

Do Voice Talent Watermark Their Voice Auditions?
Clients can request NOT to watermark auditions however it is up to talent whether or not too.

After the Voice Casting Process is Complete, When is Our Payment Required?
Clients are asked to prepay for a single hour of recording time PRIOR to the start of any UVT voice over work.

How Much Copy Will Voice Talent Audition?
We permit 30-seconds, or about 4 – 5 lines of copy to be offered as a audition. This assures both small file sizes for clients, and does not overwhelm the talent.

How Long Does The Voice Casting Process and Recording Take?
If you’re prepared, and know what you require, voice overs can be delivered within 24-hours of your talent selection.

Do We Work Directly with The Talent?
Yes, after payment has been made, talent are asked to work directly with clients on recordings.

Will Talent Record More Than 1 Recording at a Time in Our Booked Hour?
Yes. your hourly time includes any amount of content voiced within the hour, so long as it can be reasonably done during your purchased time.

Can We Negotiate With and Pay Talent Directly?
No, talent are not permitted to discount rates, or receive payment directly from casting clients.

Do We Have Broadcast Use Limitations on Content?
As a UVT casting client most of your content is buy-out and has no use limitation upon payment. (excluding national commercials and syndicated cartoons)

Who has Final Approval on My Requested Content?
You the client have approval which is the norm in the vo business. In the case where there is a creative, or quality issue, UVT reserves the right to approve, deny, and sign-off on content in question.

Do You Offer Quotes for Larger Castings with Multiple Roles?
Yes. if your project has more than 5 roles, or 5 parts we can offer a custom casting and rate quote based on your project scope.

Do You Offer Refunds?
No. In the event the client is not satisfied with talent work, we will request new recordings from that talent. This is known as recuts and all UVT castings include a free second round of “recuts”. All voice talent requests are final.

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