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New YouTube Link Option
March 27, 2017 Director,News
Hi UVT Artists!Last week 3/21/17 we added a new YouTube Video Link option to all current active talent profiles.The new video embed extra, will give us character UVT voice talent with a YouTube acco Read More
Membership Update News
March 10, 2017 Director,News
Talent Membership Update:I wanted to clear up some confusion regarding renewal of your yearly membership at UVT. Some of you are getting notified that your UVT membership is about to, or has expired. Read More
Talent UVT Coupon Preference
Hi Talent, Just a quick reminder for ALL talent to update your profile. Upload new demos, any new photos, bio changes, and other content.More importantly login and check your account details. This is Read More
Talent Spotlight News
New Home Page Listing SpotlightHi Talent, just a reminder that last week I created a NEW Spotlight Voice Talent Listing box at the top of our website home page. This new featured box will randomly r Read More
Voice Acting 101
June 1, 2016 Talent Posts
Hi Everyone!I thought I’d share a video I posted on U-Tube called, Voice Acting 101. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Read More
Video? You can’t be serious!
April 10, 2016 Talent Posts
That guy Anthony Reece leads us into new territory! Let’s have video helloes on the UVT site he says. Now, to some voice-only people, even a headshot is controversial – it might typecast, Read More
The Myth of Conversational VO
February 19, 2016 Talent Posts
The Myth of Conversational VO(AKA. “NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT”){re-posted with permission from Joe’s Dump blog}A big part of the job of voice acting is auditioning. And a current trend seen Read More
Baby It’s Cold Outside
February 2, 2016 Talent Posts
Baby, it’s COLD outside. It’s one of the coldest times of the year. Many in the country are watching the snow pile up around their house. In central Ohio where we live, we received just a dusting. Read More USA, LLC