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Enjoy Unlimited Voice Over Content Within Your Recording Time When Hiring Our Voice Artists – All Voiced Content is at a Full Buy-Out!

Our pre-screened hourly voice overs and hourly narrators offer you flat hourly rates for UNLIMITED voice overs within their hour of booked time. All hourly voice overs are buy-out and you enjoy unlimited finished voice over from your chosen voice talent, or narrator. You save hundreds!

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Review any of our hand-picked and pre-approved United Voice Talent and voice talent featured on the home page, and within the genre categories. Once you find a voice talent of interest, listen to their various voice demos, read their bio and consider them as your voice over talent and for your project.

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Once you review a hand-picked and pre-approved Voice Over Artists, feel free to request a FREE audition using the “Audition Request” button located on their profile page above their photo The United Voice Talent artist, will be happy to send a free sample usually same day, or within 24-hours.

Cast Hourly Talent

After you review an audition, and/or decide to cast the talent, simply click “Book Now” and the talent will be added to your “PayPal Shopping Cart”. You are charged for each “flat hourly talent” you add, at their “Flat Hourly Rate”. Each additional hour is also shown on their page and will be billed after your project.

Record Your Project

Now that you’ve picked your voice talent, simply remit payment using our PayPal system. Our voice casting director Anthony Reece will contact you very soon by email, or telephone to talk about your project. Soon you will enjoy UNLIMITED voice over content within the hour of time booked with your voice talent.

Sample United Voice Talent Hourly Voice Over Output!

This is an example of the "hourly output" of our voice talent. We can save you cash, compared to "per job" rates within the industry. You enjoy UNLIMITED voice over recording within your hour of time.
Project Genre / Media UsageExample Voice Over Project and Media Use DescriptionAvg. Voice Talent OutputEstimated Time
Radio / TV CommercialsTypical Voice Overs Recorded for Standard :15, :30, and :60 Second Radio and TV Spots.Three (3) Commercial Reads1 Talent Hour
Industrial / NarrationsTraining DVD, Educational Course, Business Presentation, How-To and Explainer Videos, etc.Five (5) Pages of Narration1 Talent Hour
Game / Cartoon VoicesGeneral Character Voice Clips or Dialogue Lines Recorded Between :03 and :05 SecondsTwenty Five (25) Character Clips1 Talent Hour
-use of your voice over-typical project type-usual talent productivity-talent time booked

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