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As a 2015 United Voice Talent Casting Client you will enjoy FREE voice over auditions from PRE-APPROVED hand picked voice over talent. We screen and only feature voice talent based on the quality of their voice demo, and ability to deliver fast, high-quality recordings. All voice talent agree to offer our FLAT FIXED HOURLY RATE. Unlike most open talent directories, or fee based "pay to play" subscription sites where voice over talent auditions are from voice talent willing to pay a monthly fee to be featured, UVT only works with preapproved, prequalified, professional, voice talent all offering the same FLAT HOURLY RATE for their time. You will NOT spend countless hours sifting through hundreds of poor quality, unprofessional voice over auditions only to find a few qualified auditions. Request a FREE CASTING TODAY and give UVT a try. Rest assured knowing you're working with the BEST voice artists from across the industry.Become a VIP Today

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As a 2015 Casting Client you'll enjoy the ability to either MANUALLY SEARCH TALENT and request auditions in private, or request a private FULL VOICE CASTING from all our prescreened voice artists by our casting director Anthony Reece. Yes, an actual veteran casting director works with you in-person. NOT a registered VIP Client? No worry you can request a FREE public voice casting above. The difference at UVT is we act as your VOICE CASTING PARTNER, and NOT another automated click-to-cast website where you do all the work. Your FREE voice over auditions are pre-filtered by voice casting director Anthony Reece himself. He will only pass along the top results via email. You simply listen to auditions, select a voice talent, and work DIRECTLY with your selected voice talent. We can even handle the recording project for you if preferred, recording, editing and delivering back only your final voice over. You save money and time so give UVT a try FREE. Enjoy a FREE Voice Casting Here

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You will work with ONLY Pre-Qualified voice talent at a FLAT HOURLY RATE. Our voice over talent are all pre-screened and MUST offer high quality voice overs. You hire the talent by their ability NOT lowest bid. Since all voice talent offer the same flat hourly rate you receive professional results from every voice over artist. Audition voice talent free then hire the voice actor based on their demo, or audition NOT their offered rate. Enjoy UNLIMITED voice over recording during your hired talent time! However much your talent can record in each hour. SAVE REAL CASH!

Judge Yourself - See the Real Value and Savings.
You Enjoy UNLIMITED Recording by Our Hourly Voice Over Talent verses a Voice Talent by the Job!
Yes UNLIMITED Content Recorded from Your Selected UVT Voice Talent!

Media Use

Sample Project Description

Average Piece Work Fee

Hourly Rate Using UVT Talent

Radio / TV

single voice over for a 30, or 60 second commercial

US $350 - $550

UVT Hour with Unlimited
Recording US $200


5:00 total minutes of character dialogue for a animation

US $500 - $750

Single UVT Hour - Unlimited
Recording US $250


single voice over for a telephone greeting, voicemail, or on-hold

US $275 - $400

Single UVT Hour - Unlimited
Recording US $175

Android Apps

25 to 50 voice clips for a cellphone, or smartphone app

US $350 - $500

Single UVT Hour - Unlimited
Recording US $200

Video Games

50 to 75 character gaming sides or clips for new game

US $500 - $750

Single UVT Hour - Unlimited
Recording US $250


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